Your Responsibilities

We want you to be involved in discussions about the choice of treatment you need.

  • Please respect other patients and their visitors and treat them with consideration whilst you are in the hospital.
  • Our staff share some of these rights and expect to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • The trust will not tolerate any form of aggression or violence towards any members of staff, patients or other members of the public.
  • You have the responsibility to let us know when things are right as well as wrong.
  • You have to let us know if you cannot attend an appointment or be on time. This will help you, us and other patients.
  • You must let us know of any change in your details particularly your address and telephone number.
  • You have the responsibility of returning equipment when it is no longer needed so others can benefit from its use.

We hope by taking this approach to your rights and responsibilities we will be able to make the hospital stay or visit an even better place for you, you family and friends



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